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Knuckles and Trotters

I’ve hurt my foot. It’s the bit that, were it on a hand, it would be a knuckle, if a thumb had a knuckle, which it doesn’t.

A pain in a place I didn’t know I had a place.

Learning something new every day.

But not running terribly far.

20120125-101217 PM.jpg


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9 thoughts on “Knuckles and Trotters

  1. Rickster on said:


    Just so you know what they’re called…

    I think thumbs do have knuckles?

  2. I don’t know what they call the spot where you have your boo-boo but I know what it feels like and the pain is pretty bad. I dropped a can of something right on the joint of my big toe and I was given a whole new lesson on how important that piece of your foot is. The pain went straight up into me look on the initial assault but the aftermath was still pretty nasty. Rest foot and keep it elevated and iced for 15 minutes and than no ice and then more ice and then no ice. Feel better.

  3. Ouch. But funny.

  4. So sorry.
    Why, oh, why is that part of the body so sensitive? When I was a teen I skinned that part of one toe, and nearly passed out. It did not even hurt so much, but I was close to gone.
    Of course, I cannot imagine actually hurting it somehow! 😉
    Get well fast, friend.

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