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“Gie Me a Haggis”

Just psyching up for tomorrow.

20120124-102420 PM.jpg

Haggis is in the fridge, potatoes ready to be peeled. I am not a huge fan of turnip (is anyone?) so there will be a side-order of baked beans instead.

Thanks to the school, Son of Sanstorm and Daughter#1 will recite me some Scottish poetry. With actions, even.

No Burns, though.

That will be left to me.

Not that my degree was a joke, or anything… but if it hadn’t been for Burns I would have failed at least one paper. It was the Scottish Literature paper and I had revised… my mind is a blank. But six writers. Who could that have been?

Ah yes – Henryson with “The Testament of Cresseid”. It was good. Kind of Chaucer, except in Auld Scots. And Walter Scott (Dull). And, er.. um.. “Sunset Song” and all that… and much much more!…


Well, not that much more. I had perhaps studied a little minimally – and all of the questions turned out to be comparative, so double the material I had planned was being eaten up in each essay…

In the end I had to compare Liz Lochhead with Robert Burns. Bit of a push. I hadn’t studied Burns. So I compared some Lochhead with “To A Mouse” we had learned at school in when I was seven. That and “Auld Lang Syne”…

Whereas now…

…whaur ye gaun ye crowlin’ ferlie?
Yer impudence protects ye sairly….

I could go on…

Or not…

Perhaps tomorrow.




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7 thoughts on ““Gie Me a Haggis”

  1. I love neeps but mashed through WI carrots (tip from my Mum). Having my Burns supper on Saturday. Been busy doing mega twee things with tartan too!

  2. Turnips aren’t a favorite either. It looks very hearty and just like classic comfort food ought to. Bon appetit!

  3. Rickster on said:

    I second the mixing of carrots in with the neeps. Greatly improves things.

  4. Here in the Deep South, turnips are a must at every dinner and we love them. Mmm! I must say, though, that we cook the tops with the turnip, making it more spinach-like, and we add bacon, onion, vinegar, and a tad of sugar. Mmm.
    I’d rather that than beans, any day.
    But what, pray, is a haggis?
    (But if this is another of your bathroom jokes, don’t bother, okay?)

    • Oh, add some salt and oil to the above, too. Forgot.

    • Haggis is great. And it is illegal to import it to the USA. Such a shame for all the ex-pat and wannabe Scots there. Burns Night must be a real damp squib.

      It traditionally was a stuffed sheeps bladder – now the bladder is just plastic. It is stuffed with offal – principally lambs lungs, I believe, mixed with oatmeal and spices. You steam the haggis for three quarters of an hour – or it microwaves in minutes.

      You can buy them deep-fried in batter also.

      When eating haggis it is always best to keep your mind off what it actually in it, and focus on the flavour and texture.


  5. Oh, and I forgot to say,
    nothing reminds me of my mom like eating raw turnip dipped in salt. Love it.

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