Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Carrot haiku

If the snowman knows
I can see in the dark: it’s
Worth its weight in gold.

20120117-095110 PM.jpg


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6 thoughts on “Carrot haiku

  1. Rickster on said:

    Reminds me of this… http://high-coo.blogspot.com

  2. Boo loves your picture! 😀

  3. The picture of the carrots is so bright and vibrant. It’s an English thing that carrots help your eyesight because I think that the French say otherwise, my father used to say that eating carrots would give us rosy cheeks but not on our faces, on our backsides and if we ate too many our backsides would glow in the dark. My Papa was very silly, I still miss him

    • I think they are so bright because of some kind of genetic modification – carrots were never quite as orange when I was young. Or may be they are just super clean.
      I like the french idea.
      Once I turned my daughter orange when she was learning how to eat – she liked the jars of carrot stuff best… oops…

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