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Das ist gut?

My teach-yourself German starter kit has arrived. Very excited, although I’m not starting until tomorrow.

Now I need to find an excuse to go to Munich or something. Or Berlin, maybe. So many European cities, so few valid excuses to go there and order tasty snacks!…

All this for a politically correct restaurant moment.

Actually, as “Shrimps” in Salzburg is having a re-fit, I’ll maybe just go back there.
Maybe I should learn the German first.

Deutsch, I mean.

20120115-083546 PM.jpg

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4 thoughts on “Das ist gut?

  1. Jo Redwood on said:

    Viel Glueck und viel Spass damit!!!! Jo x

  2. Good for you! I vaguely remember a few words, flugaffen, ein, vie, Guten nacht. You are going to do so well because you have incentive, ordering at a great restaurant in a great German city. I recommend Munich.

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