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It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake…Part 1

So, when I looked again, the pink postit of yesterday’s post turned out to be blue – and here it is in this picture, where it looks green. My assistants were ready to assist and we gathered all the necessary ingredients:

20120114-022617 PM.jpg

This recipe has a secret ingredient. The secret ingredient is syrup.


Not secret any more…

20120114-022625 PM.jpg

One of my major flaws in previous attempts was, apparently, my failure to dig a well for the egg. So here is the egg sitting in its well. And here is the mix once it has been whisked:

20120114-022633 PM.jpg

All that correct positioning of the egg and whisking has paid off – just look at the bubbles forming! My optimism begins to grow…

20120114-022640 PM.jpg

…only to be crushed with this!

20120114-022647 PM.jpg

Just like last pancake day, although admittedly not as bad, I manage to have a dark line around the side of the pancakes and a kind of unfortunate mottled effect… But this one showed promise, I felt:

20120114-022653 PM.jpg

And so I put the first batch out for closer inspection. They were “tiny” apparently.

20120114-022700 PM.jpg

However, they were all eaten…

20120114-022707 PM.jpg

and another batch were requested – and I was pleased with these four:

20120114-022713 PM.jpg

There is light at the end of the pancake tunnel, I believe. Although the children say, I’ll never be as good as Gran.


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6 thoughts on “It’ll be a piece of (pan)cake…Part 1

  1. Congratulations! They look really good, I find that the second batch always comes out better than the first. Perhaps the griddle needs to be seasoned (something to do with acquiring the proper temperature) but you deserve something special for conquering the pancake. Massage, facial, afternoon free for yourself.

  2. I’m impressed! You could do a big batch and bring them into work on Wednesday….

  3. Just think: one day when your kids have kids and you are a grandma, those grandkids will say no one makes pancakes like YOU!! Those pancakes look droolingly good to me!! Practice, you already know, makes perfect.

  4. My husband’s grandmother always made “flop” chocolate chip cookies, and he always thought that was how they should be, so when I made them RIGHT, he was disappointed with the foreign results. Ha.

    Also, the first pouring of pancake batter, it does, indeed, bake “mottled”, but the rest do fine. I has to do with temp and with placement of the fats or oils used on the griddle. 🙂

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