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Three Hundred Wee Scoops

I feel like I’ve been working in an Ice-cream cafe. This is my three-hundredth Wee Scoop.

This means I must have completely failed with the “Post-a-day” thing – as I should be at three hundred and fifty four by now.


Maybe I had a life? Maybe 😕

So, to celebrate 300 Scoops of Wee-ness, I’ll try and break the 15,000 hits barrier by tempting you down memory lane.

20120111-100122 PM.jpg

It seems I find a filter through which to view the world for a spell, until I get a new filter. For a time it was House, for a time it was Peter Pan, for a time it was Scrabble, for a time it was Exodus, for a time it was The Sound of Music.

20120111-100219 PM.jpg

I wrote poems about birds, housework, dresses, a bus and a violin – among other things.

20120111-100054 PM.jpg

I wrote about my experiences setting fire to toasters, having an unreliable car, failing to bake well and losing cardigans.

20120111-100332 PM.jpg

I blew my brains out wrestling with concepts like free will, grace, mercy and truth.

I met myself in a game show, in a lift, in an Agatha Christie drawing room and in the past.

If you have any suggestions for future posts, post them below, then I’ll post on them.

20120111-100523 PM.jpg


Here’s hoping there are 15,000 hits before Wee Scoops’s anniversary at the end of the month 😆


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4 thoughts on “Three Hundred Wee Scoops

  1. I loved all the journeys into philosophy, You know how much I appreciate your poetry. In the spring if you start growing vegetables maybe that could be worth a few posts? Are you still leaving your cardigans behind? Is your winter being weird? Ours in the Northeast is being weird, no snow equals no snow cover equals bad news for perennial plants in the spring.

  2. Congrats on your posts! It IS hard to post everyday when you have a life to live! Sometimes you just don’t feel like it. And you’re a Mom, too! Moms need rest. Its okay if you take a break from blogging, we’ll be here when you get back! 😀

  3. WEll done!

    I like it when you give your take on the Bible. Always unexpected and thought-provoking.

  4. Me, too, about the Bible. Great job, always. 🙂
    And I love your punny-ness and other Anglo-games you play with words.
    Would love knowing more about your daily life, your childhood, etc.
    Love coming here when I get time from trying to keep MINE up to date. Ha! 🙄

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