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Chocolate Fudge Epic Fail Cake: Just how wrong can a fudge cake go?

20120104-055456 PM.jpg

Mary Berry would be ashamed of me. I don’t know what went wrong. My first temptation is to blame my three assistants… but that’s hardly fair. They did what they were told.

We gathered the ingredients. We measured them out. We followed the instructions.

Oven preheated. Tins greased and lined. Ingredients sifted and mixed. Mixture in tins and in oven.

At the allotted time, I opened the door to find… a chocolate explosion: an extra pile of mixture welding itself to the bottom of the oven. I was too busy trying to minimise the long term impact of the spontaneous chocolate fountain on the innards of the oven to get a picture in situ, sadly.

But here they are…

20120104-055434 PM.jpg

And here’s a close up…

20120104-055508 PM.jpg

Ganache. It covers over a multitude.

20120104-055516 PM.jpg

Not sure if it’s edible yet.


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13 thoughts on “Chocolate Fudge Epic Fail Cake: Just how wrong can a fudge cake go?

  1. Wow. That is a unique cake. Has it become one of the ‘family favourites’?

  2. Jo Redwood on said:

    Question is did it taste good??!! My boys love my choc brownies – about the only thing I have baked over and over again – they never look like much but taste yum! Hope your cake was yum!

  3. I have had my share of chocolate disasters, as long as it isn’t charcoal I have eaten and enjoyed the chocolate mess. I have a confession, I really love undercooked cakes, the less cooked the more I like it. Strange I know and not good if you have guests. Your cake seemed all better with the ganache, as they say it does cover a multitude of sins.

  4. So, how did it taste? It may look disastrous, but the real test is how it tastes. Please, do tell! 🙂

  5. Oooh! I’ve had my own similar disasters! Not so salvageable, either. Happily, my boys, like Laurie, above, seem not to care, or even to prefer, the goo in the middle of mine. 😐

    Have fun, and do post an update as to taste and texture. 😀

    • Taste – extremely chocolatey. I think this is because my scales don’t actually work… so I kind of guessed the amount. So it was far too rich and bitter. The texture is very varied, from charred and crispy on the outside to flaky on the way in to spongy in the middle.
      The funny bit was when I was sandwiching the two cakes with melted apricot jam and my son said – “is that, like, some sort of egg pus?”…
      My youngest seems to like it – my middle one spat it into the bin and Son of Sanstorm just looks at it suspiciously, worried about the egg pus.

      • Apricot! Oh, you perfected it!
        Send it on over the puddle, m’Dear, and we will find a hoem for it! 😀

        Also, am laughing too much after a big supper! Egg pus!!!!! Send him with the cake and we will teach him!!!!

  6. Oh, two more thoughts:
    1. Mary Berry probably would have laughed and sighed in relief because she probably has flopped a cake or two in her lifetime. Suppose?
    2. For your son to insert the word “like” as a sort of punctuation in his question about the jam is straight from the San Bernadino Valley in California. He was talking like a “Valley Girl”. It is the scourge of our speech, here, and, like, WOW, it’s popular even in Scoland?!

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