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Prosecco Hugo – a taste of the Tyrol

20111227-095448 PM.jpg

At my mother’s 70th there was a bit of a run on the Appeltiser, which left me with a surplus of Prosecco. So, for a Boxing Day special, I thought I’d make a Prosecco Hugo as served on the jaunt to Salzburg in the restaurant Shrimps.

First I crushed some mint leaves and put them in the base of the glass.

20111227-095439 PM.jpg

I added a couple of wee slices of lime;

20111227-095457 PM.jpg

I added some ice and a wee bit of elderflower cordial and made the rest up with the prosecco. I should have had some carbonated mineral water in there as well, but I, well, didn’t have any.

So there we go.

20111227-095505 PM.jpg

Sehr schön! Prost! (Thanks Kirsty)


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3 thoughts on “Prosecco Hugo – a taste of the Tyrol

  1. There is a little competition going on between Champagne and Prosecco in sales and for now Prosecco is winning, the French are not too happy, boo hoo. It does look very elegant and light perfect for boxing day.

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