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Measure for Measure

Sanstorm’s Advent 18

Behind door eighteen – is a Nativity Play!

They are works of cultural genius. The Christmas story has probably had more interpretations and presentations than any other event in history, maybe.

Nativity plays used to frustrate me, in the obsession there seemed to be with presenting things from a random angle: from the point of view of a star; from the point of view of the donkey; from the memoirs of the inn-keeper…

There was criticism in the papers about little cantatas that schools were producing that meant that children were not learning “Away In a Manger” and “Silent Night” – but they were learning random lyrics about donkeys and hens.

However, daughter#2 was “Mary” in the Nursery “Christmas Event” and I hope that daughter#1 will be Mary today. She was a star in her school nativity, in both senses 😉

If only I could find some authentic footwear for her. Black patent school shoes, peppa pig canvas shoes or furry suede boots???


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3 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 18

  1. She wore black school shoes and looked the business as usual.

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