Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Sanstorm’s Advent 16

Behind door sixteen: Chocolate.

Well, there it is, and I feel disappointed. I wish I was salivating at the thought of it, but, for some reason, these days are gone.

No wonder there’s an obesity crisis! Why do we ever think that a “selection box” is a good idea, on any level? A dairy milk, a curly-wurly, a packet of buttons, a flake… I have been known to eat, well, quite a lot of chocolate on Christmas day, but now, unless it is 70% dark – I can take it or leave it.

I used to be able to inhale a King Size Mars Bar in less than a twinkle of an eye, but no more.

Pass the brie 😀

(Unless there are Maltesers from Tilly Bud)


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2 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 16

  1. You’re so right, a nice brie with a salad mixed with a lovely vinigraitte, what a delight. I do love chocolate but I prefer it in ice cream form.

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