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Small Teasers for Some Maltesers

Ho Ho Ho and a very Merry Christmas to you all – and especially to Tilly Bud on The Laughing Housewife.

She ran a joke competition and, dya know, I WON!


Here were my three jokes:

Joke 1 (the winner):
Why did Mary feed the baby Jesus condensed milk?
Because he was the incarnation.

Joke 2:
Did you know Mary and Joseph published an online child-rearing guide. You’ll find it listed as an e-manual.

Joke 3:
Where does Father Christmas bank?

As I say: ho ho ho.

The prize that I hope to prize from her grasp (as she holds them in the style of Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost” when she is handing over the blood money cheque to the nuns) is a highly coveted box of Maltesers. Yay!

If you haven’t ever, drop by the laughing housewife blog. I aspire to compare. But I need to start eating more maltesers, clearly.

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6 thoughts on “Small Teasers for Some Maltesers

  1. Congrats on the win! Great jokes, by the way. 😀

  2. theotheri on said:

    Ditto! Congratulations. They are really good jokes. A possibility for an alternative career?

  3. Congratulations, so you’re the one! I especially like the one about the condensed milk, it was very clever. Enjoy your Maltezers, I don’t know what they are, we don’t have them here, I don’t think. I mean I know that they are a cookie, or something like that.

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