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Sanstorm’s Advent 12

We’re just about halfway through our advent-ure!

Behind door twelve is a Christingle:

It may look as if it was inspired by Sputnik, but apparently not.

The orange is the world, the red ribbon represents the blood of Christ and the candle represents Jesus, the light of the world. The sweets on sticks were a later addition, supposed to represent the four seasons, or something.

It’s a relatively new tradition for our church, and we are not big on candles, really – so it is nice to have the little candles burning in the night for once.

20111211-084550 PM.jpg


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7 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 12

  1. We do a Christingle service. It’s great fun and the children love it.

  2. eleanor on said:

    Intriguing! Loving your wordpress advent calendar, a wee treat each day. Well done.

  3. I have never heard of a Christingle before. I know that in France oranges are very important at Christmas, they were used as presents when my parents were young and it was a big deal, this was after the war. They are cute and thank you for sharing your Advent calender with me. I really like it.

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