Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

Sanstorm’s Advent 10

Door 10: Santa

… or should that be “Chimney 10”?

There are three ages of man: when you believe in Santa; when you don’t believe in Santa; when you are Santa.

I am in the third stage of life, particularly today.

Think of me as I go to Toys R Us on a Saturday in December.




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6 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 10

  1. I love this! Wish I’d written it.

  2. I’m sure that if your family were interviewed they would be unanimous in saying that you are the best and most beautiful Santa of all time. Good luck at Toys R Us, those days are long past for me. My husband is only scary with the purchasing in that he goes way over board. Otherwise he has great taste, so we are in good hands.

  3. Oh, my Dear, there is a fourth stage!
    When we LOOK like Santa.
    So sorry to tell you . . .

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