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From the Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Bawbag

It’s been an odd day out here.

There was a red alert about the weather, and Scotland went into lockdown. Schools shut as police advised people to “avoid roads”.

So, I have stayed home with the children, cranked up the central heating and settled in for a day of following weather reports, doing a bit of paperwork, wrapping presents and eating high calorie snacks.

Husband, being superhuman, of course went to “work”. He’s back now though πŸ˜€

It’s always windy here. Hence the windfarm… So the wind sounds the same as usual – just a whole lot more constant.

Our fence is still up, which is pretty impressive.

I think the most likely structural damage will be the church roof. It blows off once a decade or so, and the last time was December 1998 when it ripped a bit on Boxing Day. So, I am hoping we can avoid “The Church Roof Fund#3”. The building opened in the late 1970s and is fundamentally flawed in design. And perched overhanging a cliff. What were they thinking πŸ™„

And good to see the Caledonian Antisyzygy in play as the nation named its Hurricane. Very crude. I wonder if the BBC will acknowledge that that is its name.

To my international readers – please don’t ask πŸ˜‰

20111208-061227 PM.jpg


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10 thoughts on “From the Eye of the Storm: Hurricane Bawbag

  1. theotheri on said:

    Glad you and fam are huddled down together. From down here in Cambridge, it sounds pretty dire up there. We are merely enduring heavy wind and rain, and are counting the days to summer.

    Take care. But don’t seek shelter in the church…

  2. I hope that the church’s roof and building stay intact as for the site they chose, so near to a cliff. There was a lot of faith there. Is that a panda flying away in the sky? It is nice when the family huddles together in a warm house protected against the elements.

  3. Oh, I think it must be a panda, for “pandamonium”? Ha.
    But . . . what is a bawbag? Please?
    And stay safe, Dear. We don’t want to be sans Sans!

  4. Fabulous name!

    I hope you are not one of the 50,000 without power?

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