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Sanstorm’s Advent 6

Don’t open this door.

Too late?


20111205-112920 PM.jpg

I am an unprecedented level of “behind” on my Christmas Shopping this year. But my son was a great help on Saturday. Very efficient gift selector.

Hope you’ve all shopped online!


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4 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 6

  1. Not shopped at all. Never been so late. Crying.

  2. Haven’t even thought about it, I am in denial. I still feel like it’s Thanksgiving, I feel stuck in a bizarre time loop. I will get there and the funny thing is, the house is all decorated with Christmas keepsakes and I still don’t have the Christmas cheer.

    • That whole Thanksgiving thing must set the whole country back compared with the UK. Well done for decorating. For me Christmas doesn’t really kick in until I have been to a carol event. So that’s next week. Hopefully I will complete the shopping by then.
      Hope you’re feeling festive soon.

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