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Sanstorm’s Advent 4

Behind door four…. Christmas Cards!

20111203-062935 PM.jpg

They are a dying breed. And I don’t know how I feel about that.

They began in the 19th century, after the penny post was invented. Then in the 20th century, stationers cashed in and by the end of the century everyone was sending everyone cards, under a cloud of cultural compulsion. Then the world disappeared under a mountain of white card and paper…

I don’t know how much longer sending handwritten cards by snail mail is going to go on. So many e-alternatives, and social networking means that people are in permanent touch, so the additional effort to keep in touch annually is kind of redundant.

No matter how many times I get myself organised and type all the addresses into the computer to do labels, I never can work the printer and then I end up doing them by hand anyway.

I have some green-guilt around Christmas cards. But then there is all kinds of other guilt if you don’t sent one and then receive one.

Rest assured, I want everyone to have a good Christmas – and I hope everyone has a fab 2012!

Right. Must get writing these cards…

Or is that a bit last century…?

Or, the century before that, even…?


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3 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 4

  1. I like all things old so I hope that the Christmas card will continue, I wouldn’t like the physical card being replaced by an E card, no matter how flashy they are.

  2. Ditto to laurie, above.

  3. Very commendable you two: I hope they die out soon. Bit of an effort! I am awful!

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