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Sanstorm’s Advent 2

Maybe I am getting ahead of myself, but behind door two… is a crib:

20111201-100152 PM.jpg

Odd word, “crib”. My 21st century mind wants to say “Nativity Scene” but somewhere in my subconscious is the word “crib” so there it is.

We have had this out for one day. The children have played and played and played. So much so, we have lost a wise man . In a way this pleases me at is makes it feel more biblical, in that we are not sticking doggedly to the three that there are in tradition. However, in the bible they didn’t come to the stable, they came to a “house” … but anyway. At least I found the shepherd under the couch.


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6 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 2

  1. I already love this meme!

  2. Some little girl that I know very well made off with baby Jesus under the pretext that she was going to take care of him. That was an interesting year with our baby girl, it was one crazy antic after another.

  3. Its a beautiful Nativity set! I love the colors, they’re attention-getting.

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