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Sanstorm’s Advent 1

Behind the first door… is an Advent Calendar!

20111130-085729 PM.jpg

When I was wee, we had cardboard calendars, and behind each door was a pretty picture that was either a moment from the nativity, or a traditional toy – like a soldier or a drum. It was very exciting, seeing what you’d get.

And there was always a double-sized one for Christmas Eve, with a picture of the stable with the family and the baby.

Then someone dreamed up Chocolate Advent Calendars, and ruined it.

Cheap vile chocolate in crinkly moulds. And no picture. Just a black hole of absent chocolate to adorn your wall.

Much as I dislike these calendars, we have three. Not especially biblical… Two “Hello Kitty” ones, and a “Cars” one.

Very festive 😕


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4 thoughts on “Sanstorm’s Advent 1

  1. I don’t recall having any kind of advent calendar as a child, but my Mum used to buy one each for the boys and one for me, their adult mother 🙂

  2. Just as I said yesterday, you and I have the same memories of beautiful cardboard calendars. It is a shame that they don’t provide a beautiful nativity scene behind the chocolate, it kind of negates the whole advent calendar idea. You are not counting down how many chocolates to Christmas. The good old days.

    • Yes – you read my mind with this one – I had scheduled it to post and you commented on the last one about advent calendars in the interim.
      I wonder if you’ll beat me to my own post tonight!

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