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Guest Blogger: Son of Sanstorm Speaks… about his Gran’s party

There was a party because it was my Gran’s birthday. She was seventy. We had starter, main course and pudding at relatives of my Gran.

I wore a gentleman’s outfit with a bow tie because I thought it looked smart. My sister wore a black dress. My other sister wore a black and pink dress. I thought they looked very nice. The folk at the party liked them. There were forty people at the party.

The only people that were there were very good friends with my Gran. I know a few. I think they are quite nice because they speak to me in a kindly way and when I do something they always seem impressed, which makes me feel happy.

The starter we had at my house, we had the main course at my auntie’s and pudding at my other auntie’s. At the end of the party, when we had been to all the houses, we went to my Gran’s house to have THE party. As in the actual party.

Me and my cousin, secretly planned magic show for the folk. We did one trick at each house. It was great fun. The tricks were called “The Three Kings”, “The H” and “ABRACADABRA”. The first magic trick me and my cousin felt a bit nervous but at the other two houses, we had fun, because we got over our nerves. After the trick, lots of the folk talked to me about how good the magic trick was.

I didn’t have much food because I had been bowling and had chinese food with kids from my church. I did have some cake at the pudding house, though. It was very tasty.

At my Gran’s house the party was great fun. My Gran did a quiz for me and my cousin and we got a prize which was a trivia box. The adults had another quiz that we didn’t get involved with. I just saw people dashing into the playroom because they were doing the quiz that they were given.

The cake was quite big. It was a green golf scene with my Gran in a bunker. It said her name on it. I thought it was very tasty. She had loads left. I saw it, after the party. I took the cake to the folk on a tray.

I thought my Gran had a great time. I had loads of fun. I am sure she did too.


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9 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Son of Sanstorm Speaks… about his Gran’s party

  1. He is quite the writer, your mother’s party sounds like a great time had by all. I like the cake and apparently everyone at the party did as well.

  2. This was a totally fun read, Son. Thank you for sharing all about this party. Your grandmother surely must be proud of you. I especially liked the way you had kind things to say about your sisters.

    Very good job!

  3. You should hijack this blog immediately! Or start your own. A fun read. I love that you did magic tricks. Thoughtful and sweet.

  4. Hi J, I’m glad you enjoyed the party as much as I did. My friends are still all talking about it – the fun we had, especially your magic tricks and how smart you looked, also your assistant R. I’m sorry it’s over but heigh ho not long till Christmas and more parties! Love Gran.

  5. It sounds like you had a terrific time, sweetie! My favorite part is about the big cake! Every party should have a big cake, don’t you agree? So glad you had so much fun! 😀

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