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End of “No”vember

It has been chucking it down for days now. On the positive side, it is rain, not snow. If it had been snow, we would be snowed in. As it is, we are rained on. In the dark.

But let us be cheerful – it is also Advent – and before long there will be twinkly fairy lights and glitzy Christmas trees to jazz it all up a bit.

So, it is the end of November, therefore it is the end of “No”vember. I am half way to thin, but the novel is nowhere near halfway to written. But I love what I have written. If only I had a plot.

What I learned from doing Nanowrimo is this: I feel compelled to blog more than I feel compelled to write fiction. Writing fiction takes more time, more effort and cannot be easily levered into my present lifestyle. A month is ambitious. I am hoping to finish by the end of next November – I think that should be do-able. The first draft, I mean.

To celebrate the end of November, I intend (we’ll see) to post twice a day(ish) for Advent. As well as my usual almost-daily-postings: in Sanstorm’s Grotto I’ve lined up twenty-four bite-sized doors for you to open as we countdown to Christmas. There won’t be anything edible (unless Mr Wonka perfects Wonka TV overnight) – but I hope you’ll pop in and take a peek behind each door nevertheless.

Let the countdown begin.

Happy St Andrew’s Day!


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4 thoughts on “End of “No”vember

  1. I remember my mother buying the advent calendar and my sister and I opening the windows reverently. The advent calendar made the long wait until Christmas Eve bearable. Speaking of NaNoWriMo, I’m glad that you love what you have written, you are halfway there. I completed the challenge but not the novel, my heroine likes to talk a lot and gets stuck on food description so I still have writing to do and then comes the editing, this novel will get done.

    • You were ahead of me with the calendar thing!
      Congrats on completing the Nano challenge – I am impressed. And I enjoy food descriptions – and you do them well – so don’t edit too much!

  2. A lovely idea!

    Well done on writing anything for Nano. You’ve started, and that’s the main thing.

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