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Strategies for A Stress-free Advent

If only I knew.

We are technically in Advent, and so it feels like we’ve had a bit of a head start, because it isn’t actually December yet. I went shopping today. Not Christmas shopping though. I haven’t started that yet. I want to get a run at it and do it in a one-er. What are the chances? I’m not doing the online thing. Remember last year we were thigh deep in snow? Best get the presents in in a physical way, then at least they’ll be here, before the winter shuts us down.

Luckily I have no stress about writing Christmas cards, because they are on order and haven’t arrived yet. When they do I’ll have to ferret out my addresses from the pre-facebook era and get writing. Then I always wish I had more time to write more. But then, they could always subscribe to Weescoops and start blogging themselves and then Christmas cards could take their rightful place in history. Then there would be no need for that green-guilt about how un-eco-friendly Christmas cards are – redeemed by the fact that most of them raise money for good causes. And are nice decorations in themselves.  I’ll probably do them in one sitting and have a carpal tunnel syndrome relapse.

And as “No”vember comes to a close I can claim to have lost 8lb for real, which is half way to thin. And if I dieted at the same rate I could theoretically be thin by Christmas. But then, that isn’t going to happen as I am hoping for some chocolate yule log, tasty cheeses, high calorie drinks and snacks.

Much as I despise Baseball metaphors being used in Scotland where they are meaningless…. I wonder why at Christmas we feel we have to touch base with everyone we have ever known? I think it is “a good thing” but it is curious that it is part of the Christmas tradition. Can I work it back to the nativity?

I suppose it’s a bit like the census that sent the heavily pregnant Mary to Bethlehem -so that everyone could be counted. That’s why the Romans wanted them there. God, on the other hand wanted them there so that Jesus could be born in the right place so that the Old Testament would dovetail tidily with the New. And although there was no-room-at-the-inn, at least they were in the right place to be counted.

I’m a big fan of inclusion, so maybe I should be a big fan of touching base at Christmas time. I hope that everyone remembers everyone and that everyone is counted into the celebrations. Good news and great joy for all mankind.

As for a stress-free Advent – no matter how harassed I find myself – at least I am not heavily pregnant, travelling overland to an unfamiliar place, balancing on a wobbly donkey, being a little concerned about the lack of a reservation at the Holiday Inn…  I think the stable would only have had a one-star rating 😉


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4 thoughts on “Strategies for A Stress-free Advent

  1. Congratulations on the 8 lbs for the “No”vember! Inclusive should be more than a holiday thing, ideally it should be part of the everyday experience. As tiny Tim said it best, God bless us each and everyone. You reminded me that I need to go out and get Christmas cards for the annual well wishes.

  2. HA! One “star” INDEED! You are funny! 😀
    Hey, how about pregnant, riding a donkey, no reservations and THIGH DEEP SNOW? That’d be even better! 🙂

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