Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure


In my dream

there was

a huge grey ball of dough,

moving and pulsing,


to squash the

pretty pink and green

glass people

who were happily sitting

at pretty glass tables

until it came

and crushed them to dust.


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6 thoughts on “Monstrosity

  1. scotstig on said:

    I would lay off the cheese before bed…….. Have you seen “The Blob”? ?-)

    • I’ve been laying off the cheese since Hallowe’en!
      And I have lost *invisible calculator* er, er, um, 7lb… I think.
      And no, I haven’t.
      Don’t think I will.
      I need to get Dirty Dancing and Highlander on DVD so I can do some 80’s classic Watchalonga Sanstorm blogs.

      • Rickster on said:

        We have dirty dancing if you want to borrow it.

        Always meant to get Highlander too, but will probably get that with my Christmas-prezzie-to-self of a Blu-ray player…

      • Would love to borrow it – but I think I still owe you Velvet Elvis…

  2. I have spent the day making pie crust for four pies, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The American holiday for gorging oneself into a coma. I am cooking the whole feast, so by the time everything is done, I have been over saturated with the smells that I find it hard to eat. I think that I will be dreaming some version of your poem.

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