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From Wee Scoops to Nano Scoops.

It’s the end of October, so it’s November tomorrow and the real start of “No-vember”. So, it’s time to eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow I may diet. I’ve therefore made a sharing portion of nachos and eaten them myself, leaving me dehydrated and a bit queasy – which it all part of the motivation for the start of the healthy eating and fitness drive of the next four weeks.

I am doing Nanowrimo this year, starting tomorrow. I am therefore losing my blogging window in my day. Wee Scoops is therefore having a holiday and will be back in December. I don’t think I can actually stop the daily-ish posting, so I might aim for weekly or so, just to keep in the loop.

So here’s a flavour of what I wish I was posting about for the next wee while:

  1. This photo from the Salzburg trip. Loving that mountain!20111031-092348 PM.jpg
  2. The character of Reuben from the story of Joseph. Who knew he was really a good guy? Rice and Webber missed that bit out.
  3. Apostrophe use in Hallowe’en.
  4. This photo as a response to the photo challenge “Hidden”:20111031-092415 PM.jpgThis is a grave yard in Salzburg attached to a monastery. It was the inspiration for that horrible bit of “The Sound of Music” where they hide from the Nazis at the end. Rattle, rattle, reverberate, reverberate….
  5. The philosophical basis of respect as a core value.
  6. The psychology of running: time, distance and perception.
  7. Being ahead of the weather with strategic shopping.
  8. A poem called “Salted” that I haven’t written yet but want to. I want to call this year’s wee anthology “Salted”… but can’t until I’ve written the poem.
  9. Photo blog of a curry cook-in I haven’t had yet.
  10. “Strictly Come Dancing” and social anthropology. And whether or not it is fit for TV.
  11. Skipping games from the early 1980s.
  12. A review of “When God was a Rabbit” by Sarah Winman.
So, dear readers, I apologise for this break in service. On the upside, there may be a novel coming your way in the new year. Unless it turns out to be mince.
Thanks for your reading, and your comments – on the blog posts themselves, via facebook and in person – I appreciate your thoughts, input and interest.
So, see you in December. (Give or take a few compulsive posts.)
Unless I know you in real life.

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4 thoughts on “Nano Scoops

  1. theotheri on said:

    I hope you enjoy your Sabbatical. I too need to write, so will particularly understand an occasional “compulsive post.” I would be particularly interested in your thoughts on #5.


  2. Good luck tomorrow, just know that you won’t be alone, I’m joining in the fun this November as well.

  3. Oooh–I shall MISS you!
    But I understand. It’s rather all-consuming, isn’t it! I contemplated doing that once, but our Thanksgiving Day huge dinner always happens at my house and I just could not see myself realistically doing both. 🙂
    You have fun. Be brave. Enjoy the journey. FINISH IT! And who know, maybe share it with us one day?
    And don’t apologize! We envy you!

  4. Good luck with nano but don’t forget to come back with those posts you’ve promised.

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