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Methinks I’d Rather Shelve “Methinks”

What’s with the resurgence in “methinks”?

It unsettles me when I see it tagged onto Facebook statuses.

I suppose in response to “what’s on your mind?”, to tag a “methinks” is fair enough, if a little redundant.

But why the Shakespeare? I am all for rescuing words about to slip off the world’s vocabulary, but I think
Shakespeare’s quips are safe enough.

When people tag on a “methinks”, is it regression to infant grammar, or is it a register selected to appear “in character”?

And, interestingly or not, most “methinks” posts mention wine. I wonder why.

Either way, I’ll watch the evolution of the usage. I don’t think I’ll join in.

But I thought that about emoticons.



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6 thoughts on “Methinks I’d Rather Shelve “Methinks”

  1. This is quite funny that you mention the methinks. I thought of using the word or I might have in a very recent post. I don’t remember the context but it is funny to see you write about it now. I think it was something about protesting, like methinks she doth protesth over much. I can’t remember, I tell you the memory lapses are a trial.

  2. “Methinks” surely does beat “IMHO”, in my opinion. 🙂

  3. Scotstig on said:

    Forsooth, a veritable exactitude, methinks. 🙂

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