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It’s raining, it’s pouring and it’s the school holidays.

Today in a cafe I got a “bad-pourer” of a tea-pot. That happens too often.

The only thing a teapot has to do in life is to infuse and pour tea. If it only manages half if its purpose, why did it make it all the way through design and production, to being used in a cafe?

You can tell it’s a bad pourer before you even start. Instead of going in the cup, it clings to the spout, streaming backwards onto the table. Mop, mop, mop with the napkins. And try again, a little steeper with the tilt. And again. Mop, mop, mop.

After so many centuries of civilisation you’d have thought that humankind could have figured out a fool-proof method of making teapots with the capacity to pour well.

I remember when I had baby#1 and I bought a buggy in advance and a friend commented, “It’s really easy to push. ”

Is that not a key attribute of a push-chair? Why are buggies that are not “easy to push” still available?

The same thing frustrates me about ugly cars. We know how to make beautiful, aerodynamic cars. Why are ugly cars making it to market? (Car beauty is not subjective. Ask Clarkson).

What is my purpose? Your purpose? After centuries of evolution or God’s creation or both, what should we be able to do? What is our primary function- and are we bad pourers, buggies that are hard to push or ugly cars? Or are we tidy china teapots, daintily decanting, easily pushed buggies or beautiful cars?

My functions are many, and I suppose I am flawed in all aspects. There are experts in all areas, knowledge has been gained by humanity collectively, but I think most people are muddling through, splashing onto the table, mopping up the misdirected tea.

Next time I get a bad pourer I’ll cut it some slack, I think.

This isn’t the conclusion I wanted. I wanted a prefect tea-drinking experience.

Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought but rather think of yourself with sober judgement.
Romans 12 vs 3

Tea? Anyone?


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9 thoughts on “Pouring

  1. theotheri on said:

    I’m having the same problem with my coffee pot. But I fear it might be the hand that pours that is the problem.

    I’ve decided in my old age that aiming for perfection is too constraining. I am going for the creative instead. That still does not forgive ugly cars, though. And certainly not buggies that don’t push!

  2. I also had a problem with my coffee pot, it was poorly designed, I should be more specific, the lip of the carafe was poorly conceived the proportion off. The same could be said about so many things. My husband solved the coffee pot dilemma, he accidentally broke it. When we got the new one, I made sure to check out the lip to make sure that we had a winner.

  3. I hate those pots!

  4. Oo-oo-ooh! When I think of the price of the electric coffee making gadgets and the FACT that most of them do not have a functioning carafe, I become rather annoyed. I have found that for the most part, the decanters that I buy at antique/junk places work well. We will not have electric coffee here, anymore. The pots don’t pour right. We have old-time drip-through kinds you have to boil water for. Yea! They work. Quietly, too, I must add. Some antiquers think I am nuts, but I will not purchase a teapot, coffepot, pitcher, or sprinkling can without asking for a water source, to fill the thing and see if it pours right.

  5. Scotstig on said:

    Clarkson is WRONG!!!!!! Car design is very subjective. What passes for beautiful design in the streets of Cologne “Porsche Panamera” or South Korea “Subaru Impreza” doesn’t cut it here. The Lord puts beauty in our hearts but he wants us to think of ourselves as reliable, beat up old Minis!! A triumph of design dictating beauty not the other way round. Ugly cars can be much more practical because their design is driven by need and usefulness not by beauty. A Ferrari is useless for getting a couple of planks of 4×2 back from B&Q. When was the last time you saw Thomas Magnum giving a lift to more than one person! Now an exceptionally ugly Fiat Doblo that’s what you need.

    The Lord doesn’t do what the cheap teapot manufacturers do and cut corners to keep down costs so you are left with a rubbish pourer. He lets the beauty flood out (like a Tetley tea bag) no matter what the state of the teapot.

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