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I Just Learned What a Capsicum Is

Vivid capsicums
Culinary traffic lights
Peppering my food.


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5 thoughts on “I Just Learned What a Capsicum Is

  1. It’s what gives peppers their fiery kick. It also has medicinal purposes I think. Great vivid.imagery.

  2. Ha! You may have learned ABOUT what capicum is but until you grow, clean, and preserve the little hotties, you do not really know what one is. I cannot even rinse more that a couple in cool water without my throat closing up and getting a violent case of the sneezies! Have to wear rubber gloves, too. 🙂 Really powerful stuff!

    • Yes, I always use rubber gloves for chillies. Here peppers are peppers and chillies are chillies – but I was doing a random internet recipe for beef satay and it said it needed a red capsicum so I googled it. And there they all were in glorious primary colours.
      Except blue 😉

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