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What do we think about boredom?

As a parent, I like to think of it as developmentally important. If the Brontes hadn’t been bored, they’d never have written novels, I think.

I think that people should be able to occupy themselves productively without being entertained 100% of the time. What is scary about the present day is that it is perfectly possible to be entertained ALL of the time. There is always something on the TV, always something to google, always something to surf, listen to, read or watch.

But do? Say? Write? Make?

I think that productivity is the cure for boredom, and the only way to arrive at this realisation is to plumb the depths of boredom itself.

So, as a parent striving for excellence,  I shall continue to provide as many opportunities for boredom as I can 😉

For myself, I am past the stage of boredom. I live in a perpetual state of self-inflicted overwhelm.

The cure is the same.

So, thanks to Eleanor for the advice: “Inertia: Get the Hence!”

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6 thoughts on “Boring

  1. Perfectly well said. When my two would say Maman We ‘re bored!. I would say, you too are very smart little ones, when we are smart, it’s impossible to be bored because you can always think of something to do, an instrument to play, a story to write etc… They hated it, I would also remind them that I purposely had two so that they were siblings, instant playmate.

    I also with you on the absence of boredom, I don’t remember boredom. Overwhelming, I know. Boredom, I don’t.

  2. I was catching up with your blogs in the wrong order, so read the Isaiah sanitary towel episode before Day Off/Off Day, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to use Get Thee Hence! That phrase rings a bell from somewhere else but my Dictionary of Quotations is yielding nothing so far.

  3. Abraham Lincoln once said: The truly intelligent person is never truly bored.
    I guess he knew a thing or two?
    My children learned early on, there always was a chore list in my mind that I could cause to manifest in a moment’s notice, to alleviate boredom.
    Instantly. 🙂

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