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Standby Me

Day off or off day?

For reasons best known to someone else it is “The September Weekend” therefore a holiday. Why September needs a “weekend” I do not know. Especially with the October week just around the corner.

And at least historically the October Week had a point: a week set aside to pick potatoes. These days, up north, they get a fortnight because apparently they do actually pick potatoes.

But the September weekend? Is there some obscure religious or cultural reason for this holiday?

As for me, I am suffering random-day-off inertia. If I was a laptop my screensaver would be on standby, hibernate or sleep.

Here’s hoping a wave of energy will rush over me, launching me into an evening of productivity.

Or I could just stay here, back against the radiator, borne back ceaselessly …

Come on!!!!

*gives self a shake*


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6 thoughts on “Standby Me

  1. Inertia: get thee hence.

  2. Denise Lowson on said:

    I have a vague recollection that when my children were young ( 15 – 20 years ago) this was referred to as The Queen’s Birthday weekend holiday. As H.M.’s “official” birthday is early in June and it is so near the end of term perhaps this was originally a later official holiday replacement??

    • How many birthdays does the woman get!?
      Maybe that is how she has got so old in age while only looking in her 60s in real life. I think she has been counting more than one a year 🙂

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    Maybe the dear Queen, Herself, feels that old September Inertia, and long ago decided she needed a day off, and being Queen, could make it a holiday for all, if she wanted . . . ?


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