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Guest Blogger: Son of Sanstorm Talks About His Eighth Birthday

It is very exciting waiting for your birthday. I was so excited I stayed up the whole night before my birthday. I couldn’t wait. I thought that I would never get to sleep and I didn’t get to sleep like I thought. I would get to see all my family members and my best friend and I get to see what his present is.

My birthday plan was after school I would go to Animal Magic with my cousins and my best friend. Animal magic is the biggest play area in Scotland. It is big. It is huge. Once you have been to it a couple of times, it seems very small. I had loads of fun and I met one of my classmates. I felt tired but excited because it was my birthday because I had been running about. At Animal Magic we ordered lots of Chinese dinner from the Peking Village and then when we went back home, the food was all there.

The chinese dinner was delicious. My favourite is sweet and sour chicken in batter. It is just really, really tasty. I give it a nickname this is “red chicken”. After the food we went off for a wee play and then we had my birthday cake. When I was being my sung my birthday song, I felt really happy because it was really actually my birthday. I wasn’t waiting any more. I was so happy and I couldn’t help the smile on my face.

After the party, my sister was playing with a toy, but it wasn’t one of my birthday toys. It was a squidgy blue figure with no arms, no legs, no body, just a head and she accidentally squeezed it too hard and loads of flour burst out. She burst the toy! I felt very, very surprised. It didn’t make a loud noise because it was made of rubber but it made a quiet pop and a puff of flour came out. It wasn’t really big, just like a big cloud of dust. It was unusual because this has never happened before. At the time I was leaning down at my bike launcher to set it up and so the flour went down my t-shirt and so I shook the flour out and my dad hoovered up the flour.

I think my birthday was the best birthday that I have ever had. I wish it just repeated itself.


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14 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Son of Sanstorm Talks About His Eighth Birthday

  1. theotheri on said:

    Happy Birthday from here too! Glad it was so great.

  2. Happy birthday, it sounds like a fantastic day for everyone especially the birthday boy!

  3. Happy birthday, Son of Sanstorm. I think this is my favourite post yet on your Mum’s blog. 🙂

  4. Happy birthday, sweetie! Hope next year is just as wondeful!!

  5. Anita Kirkland on said:

    Happy Birthday! It was magic on your big day, good fun and yummy food, you are a special boy.

  6. most shocking blog yet… John got the hoover out!!

  7. SOS, it sounds like a great birthday! And it also sounds like there is another writer in the family. Great job! 🙂

  8. I know it’s late, but I feel as if I’ve been to a party! Thanks for posting this. It was such fun reading! 🙂

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