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Glorious Day

The Daily Post asked “What’s your favourite day of the week?”

Phillip Larkin  wrote on the topic “Days”:

What are days for?
Days are where we live.
They come, they wake us
Time and time over.
They are to be happy in:
Where can we live but days?

Ah, solving that question
Brings the priest and the doctor
In their long coats
Running over the fields.

Now, as to my favourite day,  let me think…

Mondays are much maligned, but when I went part time I gave it a new lease of life and made Monday a day off. “Monday morning” lost all of its negative connotations overnight. I could go out to church or friends and family on a Sunday night without feeling hemmed in by the looming dawn. No more. Monday is not as bleak as it once was.

Mondays are always a good time to start things – the running, the diet, the cleaning, the shopping. It is almost impossible to feel that I am behind with anything on a Monday, as there is always a Tuesday.

Tuesdays. Again, I have redeemed Tuesdays by declaring Tuesday a “day off”. But as you may know, days off are harder, busier and less productive than days at work so are automatically disqualified as the “best” day. It can take me a whole day to buy a present, wrap it and have it posted. But if I had been at work, I could have done that during lunch. Tasks swell to fit the time available, hence the dangers of two consecutive days off!

My Tuesdays are lovely. I have so much to do that I don’t try to accomplish anything other than getting though the day and tidying up at the end of it. Because Wednesday is coming…

And I have to go to work. I like Wednesdays because, as I drive to work, I feel tidy, professional and organised – a momentary frisson of time-to-myself.  I listen to the news on the radio and feel like a real citizen of a real country in a real world with a real job… rather than the master, well the mistress, of all I survey within my own four walls.

Thursday. Meh. Oh, except these days I have band practice!


Friday has the plus point of being Friday, for which we are all truly thankful.


Even though I have only worked three days I am exhausted and welcome the weekend.

I tend to have big plans for tidiness and laundry on a Saturday, but then I convince myself that, as it is the weekend, I should “not bother”. So then it all builds

These days the glorious day is Sunday. I get to play the violin at church and then I have a wee sabbath to myself in the afternoon – God’s brilliant suggestion that we do no work! And without guilt induced by a lack of productivity! Bonus!


And, because of the Monday thing, I get to enjoy a Sunday night while not worrying about Monday coming.

What’s your favourite day? “Where can we live but days?”…


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4 thoughts on “Glorious Day

  1. I like how you broke it down, and I love your embrace of the part time work. It is great.

  2. Excellent choice! Wish we could all hear you play the violin!

  3. Rickster on said:

    For some reason, I’ve always found Tuesday to be the low point of the week, irrespective of which stage in life I’ve been at – at school the worst classes seemed to congregate on tuesdays, at uni I always seemed to have the greatest concentration of lectures, tutorials, labs and extra curricular activities on a tuesday, such that there was no time left in the day for anything, and it was a relief to get it over. Even now, Fi’s work commitments mean that tuesdays generally end in a rush and Wednesday comes as a blessed relief.

    As to which day is best, Sunday probably should take the award, but two different church rotas inevitably clog it up with tasks – day of rest? Not really.

    So my vote goes to Friday. End of the working week (for me), end of the school week (for the kids). In general, this gives me the only evening of the week where there is no preparation for the following day.

  4. theotheri on said:

    Your Tuesdays sound like a dry run for what full-time retirement with grown children is like 24/7. Like you, when I worked full time, I got done during lunch break what I now can sometimes stretch out to cover the entire day.

    It’s not so much the reduced energy that inevitably comes with age as, as you point out, the tendency for jobs to expand to fill the time available to accomplish them. I’m surprised to discover that it takes some discipline to focus on getting a job done rather than letting it seep out to claim the whole day.

    Fun post. Thank you.

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