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I Accept

Yay! I received a “Versatile Blogger Award” from Cecelia Futch!

Now I must:

… share seven things about yourself that might be of interest to others. Second, pass the award to five other bloggers that have impressed you in some way (and notify them that they have received the award.)

So here goes –

1. I hate phones.

2. I enjoy cooking, as long as I have willing assistants, ambitious recipes and no other concurrent tasks.

3. I am going through a musical renaissance. I have blown the rosin off the violin. *scrape scrape*

4. I am immersing myself in “The Sound of Music” these days. Mini-series in the offing. *soft focus* And I’ll never be a nun.

5. I love wrestling wisdom from the bible. Still working on Isaiah 30 vs 22-23 but there is hope. Like, actually.

6. I have a difficult relationship with style. Shoes are particularly tricky.

7. I love to think.

And five bloggers who have impressed me are:

Tilly Bud – Her very presence online forces me into haiku:

Tilly’s the laughing housewife
A poet with wit
And no time for sycophants.

Katharine Trauger – So much love and wisdom. Money can’t buy these.

Laurie Nichols – for optimism, lessons learned and ideas.

Princess Yasmin  – for fresh angles and a youthful perspective.

Jeanbird – for chutzpah I admire. It’s the way she puts things. You can’t help but agree.

So, I pass on a “Versatile Blogger Award” to each of these five! Whether they want to complete the acceptance task is up to them! 😀


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10 thoughts on “I Accept

  1. Yay for you! Congratulations on a well-deserved award. 🙂

  2. Versatile–it fits you. Even when you are shoe-challenged, you rise to the occasion and make it true: you are versatile. And fun. And wise. And tender.

    And loved.

  3. I awarded you the “versatility blogger award” and the poetry excellence award too. Because I can.

  4. Jonathan on said:

    Grateful this wasn’t a Kate Winslet style acceptance speech.

  5. Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for passing it on!

    I LOVE the haiku. It’s going in my notebook.

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