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I Don’t Think I Won the Bible Bingo…

I have just been to take part in “The People’s Bible”. It is a touring writing station, collecting the whole bible, hand-written by different people all over the country, two verses at a time. We are writing it in the King James Version.

You fill your details in and then you have to copy out two verses of scripture. Soon, the whole bible will be finished and they are going to print one “handwritten” copy for the Queen – and it will be visible somewhere online, in the fullness of time.


So, I hear you ask… what were my verses?

Did I get the Great Commission?

Did I get John 3:16?

Did I get Romans 8? or 10 verse 9?

Did I get a couple of the ten commandments?

Did I get Isaiah’s great vision of God?

Did I get “It is finished”?

No. So much fab scripture – and here’s mine…

22Ye shall defile also the covering of thy graven images of silver, and the ornament of thy molten images of gold: thou shalt cast them away as a menstruous cloth; thou shalt say unto it, Get thee hence.

23Then shall he give the rain of thy seed, that thou shalt sow the ground withal; and bread of the increase of the earth, and it shall be fat and plenteous: in that day shall thy cattle feed in large pastures.

Isaiah chapter 30.

Yup. My legacy: the great simile concerning the sanitary towel…

However, this is just my knee-jerk reaction.

In 2 Timothy Chapter 3 I am told that:

16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

So, therein lies a challenge. I’ll need to read a bit more Isaiah and do some googling. But I shall wring some wisdom out of these verses sometime soon.

Unless anyone has any to hand?….

If you want to see my verses – the first one is here and the second one is here!


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17 thoughts on “I Don’t Think I Won the Bible Bingo…

  1. Jonathan on said:

    At least it wasn’t about so and so begat so and so …

  2. Okay, how about this as starters: Discard all your images, all your ideas, all your relics of He Whose Name We Cannot Know. God is the Great Mystery, and it is idolatry to believe that your idea of God is Truth. Do not worship your false gods, or parade them in front of others. Bow down in humility before the Great Unknowable that is God and you shall be blessed.

    Or possibly: Cast away materialism and the false gods and glittering jewels of the pursuit of money and status and receive the fruits of the earth in return.

    Oh I am looking forward to the riches you mine from your two verses. I’m sure they will be much less prosaic that my obvious offerings.


  3. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Could have been worse.

    I wasn’t sure about this project but I suppose it will be very edifying for people to get off the tourist track and explore the wynds and closes. Find out what’s *really* in there.

  4. Oh, oh, Sanstorm! This gave me goosebumps. Before I finished reading, I was thinking: It’s all good! It’s all good! Give me any verse, ANY verse! Where do we sign up?!
    Then I realized: different country. Sighs. Oh, God, How can we make this worldwide? Oh, my soul!
    Then I read your verses, your beautiful verses about how to get rain. How I would do ANYTHING, ANYTHING to get Him to send us long, slow, life-sustaining rain!
    Dearest friend,
    I will copy these two verses every day, just for Him, and attempt to apply them to my life, if they might even apply, until He does send us rain. We are so parched. It seems so real to me.
    If, for nothing else, your lot has fallen upon me in good places.
    Love ya.

    • So glad you were spoken to by the verses, Katharine!
      It makes more sense to me now that I have read it in context. I’ll work on a post reflecting on the content of the verses soon.

  5. Someone told me at a Bible school that you don’t have to be a Bible-know-it-all: that what you don’t know helps keep you coming back! 😀

  6. Fairly appropriate given one of your nick names at uni. Sorry, perhaps shouldn’t have put this on a worldwide blog!

  7. It’s wonderful to be part of a grand writing circuit, you’ll be forever part of the Book of the Lord. Hooray for you!

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