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Australian Miscellany #3: The Great White Shark

Thanks to another fb friend’s son for this prompt – “Great White Sharks”

Not that they are Australian per se. They probably all have “at sea” on their birth certificates.  It is just that when I think of “Great White Sharks” I think of that being said with a southern-hemispherical accent. Probably as a line in a soap in the late 1980s.

Great White Sharks are amazing killing and eating machines. They swim and eat and that is about it. And they are very well put together for such a lifestyle. They slumber not nor sleep.

Peter Benchley brought the Great White to the world’s attention through his novel “Jaws” ( admittedly not set in Australia…but the sharks are allowed a vacation migrate).

“The great fish moved silently through the night water.”

Sounds innocuous, to begin with. I only ever saw the movie on TV but that was enough to consume me. I used to lie in bed at night, hoping that Jaws wouldn’t rear up out of the carpet and try to beach himself on my bed.

The movie didn’t do a lot for shark PR, and occasional attacks on humans still occur, although they say that it is because the shark mistakes you for a seal or something.

I only went snorkelling once (not in Australia… but never mind) and I didn’t really like it, cool as the fish were. I saw one with teeth and thought… erm… I’m getting back on the boat.

I have owned two sharks’ teeth in my life: one I ordered up as a teenager, from a relative going to the Seychelles, and the other I picked up at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas after seeing their sharks. Apparently they shed teeth all the time, so it’s not an eco faux pas to have them.

Unlike shark fins! Horrendous. People catch them,  slice off the fin and put the poor creature back in the water to drown.

So, much as I have seen sharks in North Queensferry, Las Vegas, and have a shark’s tooth (somewhere) from the Seychelles, I like to think they are Australian deep down.

Hopefully very deep down.

Where there are fishes.

 And not me.


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3 thoughts on “Australian Miscellany #3: The Great White Shark

  1. Do you ever watch shark week on discovery channel? Did you know that the Mediterranean Sea is the Great White’s breeding ground? Teenage Great White Shark swimming there galore. When I found that one out, I couldn’t sleep for a few nights because I used to frolic in the Mediterranean when I was younger. Freaky!

  2. Rickster on said:

    I don’t understand sharks’ fin soup. Its been fed to me on both my trips to Hong Kong. Basically its like chicken soup with shredded plastic mat in it. Why would anyone do this? I suspect that (aside from the teeth, probably) the shark’s fin is the least edible part of the shark.

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