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Australian Miscellany #2: Byker Grove to the Australian Jungle – Ant and Dec… Why?

Thanks to a fb friend for this prompt: “Ant and Dec -Why?”

I remember life before Ant and Dec. The first series of “Byker Grove” was the best – with that good-looking bloke “Gil” in it. It was all very intense with a square girl with a posh accent trying to blend in in Newcastle.

I was born in Newcastle. If we hadn’t moved north, (like, even further north) I’d have been a Geordie. It might have been hard to tell me and Cheryl Cole apart on any level 😉

And then PJ and Duncan came to “Byker Grove”. And all was well until PJ was blinded. A memorable piece of acting there…


Then as a spin-off, PJ and Duncan had their “hit” – “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble”…



Then they end up in the jungle, forcing b-list celebs to eat witchety grubs for the irritainment of the masses. Brilliant move.


So – “Ant and Dec – Why?”

They have managed to successfully re-invent themselves from child actors to questionable pop entertainers to presenters.

They have brilliant on-screen chemistry – not just with each other but with the audience.  Their giggles are infectious and their relationship is like a throw-back to Morcambe and Wise or something.

So, back to Australia…. I try my best not to watch “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here”  – but there have been times I have been hooked.

Ant and Dec get to stay in the hotel, eat real food and play golf in-between shots.

Howay the lads.



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2 thoughts on “Australian Miscellany #2: Byker Grove to the Australian Jungle – Ant and Dec… Why?

  1. Very good review for the duo. I also get hooked on the craziest shows. I’ll admit to you a huge guilty pleasure of mine. I love the reality show “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”, it’s all about Gene Simmons from the rock group KISS and his family. The kids are really why I watch because they are refreshingly nice kids. Gene, aside from being a rock legend is your typical clueless male, great for giving you the giggles over his cluelessness all with love.

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