Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure


The season has turned. My Converses are now impractical for the weather, now that it is reliably wet and parky. Puddle-dodging is becoming too onerous.

So, today I went to get some sturdy Skechers to let me walk the children to school with my feet bouncing along on a cushions of style and comfort.

But I didn’t like any of them. Too clumpy – and you could see my socks.

Despite having decided that Converses are not fit for purpose in September, I saw some AMAZING Converses that looked totally the business!

So cool.


Trying them on was a bit of a challenge. They have laces up to just below the knees and a series of buckles and straps – but it is only the first time you wear them that you have to deal with them. Once you get them looking the way you want them, they then just get zipped up and down and the back.

In the shop, though, I had that problematic “first time” lacing to do – while trying not to overheat or to lose my daughter who was running about messing with, well, shoes….

All the while the assistant is standing too close, making helpful suggestions as I am getting myself into an intractable fankle. Flushed and overheated, the jacket was off, as I laced and bound my calves unsuccessfully. My left leg momentarily went into cramp – and the overall aesthetic was… poor.

But perhaps if I were to practise?…..

Luckily I had my three-year-old in tow, who indicated that they were horrible, inappropriate and heinous.

Shame 😉


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8 thoughts on “Conversely

  1. Aren’t you glad for the wisdom of the little ones? They sounded pretty cool, I don’t know if I would have the patience with all laces.

  2. How did your feet feel in those things?

    I love it! 🙂 But what is it? Sounds like a dark funk, or as the younger ones say, “a serious attitude . . . ” meaning that if Mom were watching, there would be a trip to the woodshed. Which is where paddlings happen, there being so much wood there. . .
    I think I shall adopt the term “intractable fankle” and let my acquaintances wonder what I have been up to.

    • A fankle is what you get when you leave a kitten with a ball of wool; a child with a kite or yo-yo etc. It is a tangle that gets progressively worse. It can be used metaphorically such as getting into a fankle with your paperwork/finances.
      So, no – not a dark funk, I don’t think!

  4. You can always rely on the little buggers to tell the truth 🙂

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