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Measure for Measure

A Difficult Decision

… is a euphemism. For a “cut”.

Politicians are always talking about the fact that they are going to have to make “difficult decisions” during the financial crisis.

I wish they’d just say “cuts”.

But I suppose it keeps a spin doctor in a job, dreaming up palatable phrases for bad news, masking impending woe.

But it doesn’t even work, does it? It is not as if anyone doesn’t read “difficult decisions” as “cuts” anyway.

Let’s get some spades out, call them spades and start digging.

And in a few weeks I’ll be making a difficult decision about my hair…


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3 thoughts on “A Difficult Decision

  1. theotheri on said:

    Yes, I know that euphemisms are really a way of trying to soften the blow. Or not face stark reality too starkly.

    I learned when I crossed the pond that euphemisms are even culturally sensitive. I came from a family in the United States, for instance, that talked very explicitly about dying. And that’s what we called it. When my mother was dying at 48, she told each of her children old enough to understand what was happening in words of one syllable: “The doctors give me six weeks to live.”

    Then I came over here to Britain, and practically floored a nurse in the emergency room when I said “is he dying?” DYING! Actually he was, and she knew it, but she practically choked.

    Fascinating, this experience of being human, isn’t it?

    Oh, but do leave your hair on. I’m sure…

  2. Oh it’ll just be a trim! (now what would the government mean by that?)

  3. I’m sure that your cut will be infinitely more attractive and desirable than any difficult decisions the government can ever try to make.

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