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Winner Dinner: You Couldn’t Make it Up.

The Daily Post asked who would be on the guest list of my ultimate dinner party.

First up, dinner parties totally stress me out. So much so that I have cook-ins, where the guests are handed a recipe and ingredients on arrival. Far more sociable and less stressful. And you don’t need to do anything in advance beyond googling whatever you like to eat and then going shopping.

So, if I was having the ultimate cook-in, I actually would invite everyone I have ever had at one of my cook-ins before. Also I would like to have some of my WordPress readers – Katharine could be in charge of the egg dishes and Laurie could take charge of anything French. That would be fun. Oh and Tilly could bring some Maltesers as a garnish. And Jeanbird- can you bring that cheesecake you once mentioned?

I’ve had Chinese, Hawaiian, Spanish and Californian cook-ins before. Oh, and an Ohio special with specially imported Cincinnati chili! Most recently we had a special “The God of Small Things” cook-in, in tribute to Velutha’s fish curry. But that was in May! Time I had another.

To keep in step with the spirit of the Daily Post idea, I should make an effort to think of six famous-alive-or-dead guests, but safe in the knowledge that I really just want to see more of my friends. I’d rather not have a bunch of dead celebs turn up at my door looking for a vol-au-vent…

So I’ll go with fictional guests. They are more real to me than celebs. Haven’t heard of anyone these days.

First up… Jay Gatsby. But he’d be bringing the drinks and the entertainment. He’d have an orchestra in tow and would be charming, if a little awkward. I’d thank him for the free drinks, and warn him off that Daisy Buchanan. She’s bad news.

Next, I’d invite Alfred Jones from “Salmon Fishing In the Yemen” – who’d bring a salmon. Or two – one smoked, one not. And maybe one made into salmon mousse. No shortage of salmon.

For the steak, I’d bring Aunt Meg from “Twister” – “Do you see my cows out front?” She is always good for a steak, and the gravy is “practically a food group”.

Lady Tottington would be in charge of the vegetables and would bring spectacular prize-winning veggies.

For dessert, Charlie Bucket (now an adult in charge of the factory, having converted it to “Fair Trade” and repatriated the Oompa Loompas) would come (Willy Wonka disturbs me) with some experimental and high-calorie delights.

For cheese and coffee… hmm… it would have to be Julia from 1984. She had connections.

And I’d have to have Anne of Green Gables too. With some raspberry cordial 😉

Who would you have?


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10 thoughts on “Winner Dinner: You Couldn’t Make it Up.

  1. Thanks for the invite! I’d love to bring anything that would tickle your fancy. I find your guest list quite interesting and the conversation would be so stimulating. We would have a grand time.

  2. I’m on my way!
    Will bring zabaglione, made ahead so I can do it the right way! 🙂 Or else stuffed eggs–do y’all make those? Mmm! Cannot wait!
    You know it is funny I was JUST thinking about how much I have always fantasized that I LOVE Scotland (without every being outside south-central United States!) and how much I truly would love to meet you, and here you are, asking me to dinner. Hmm. Lots to plan. Lots.
    Thanks so much for the link. ❤

  3. Thanks for the invite but I’ll have to decline: Tilly doesn’t share Maltesers 🙂

    Loved this post.

  4. No footballers then?

  5. This is such a heart-warming post and I love your literary guests. For fantasy dinner, I’d just have my grandparents back please.

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