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Eating Doritos in the Real World

(If this post is lacking a meaningful context for you, please refer to the comment thread at the end of “Spoilsport: The Football Delusion)

I’d rather read about eating Doritos than a vicarious account of a football match. Would you? I guess we’ll see…

I certainly wouldn’t want to eat Doritos vicariously. I’d like to eat them for real.

Much as I hate the word “moreish”, Doritos certainly are. I had some on Sunday, when my visitors were kind enough to bring some. And dips. Smashing.

I thought I wasn’t particularly hungry, but before I knew it, I was consumed and consuming: down they went, smothered in high calorie sour-cream-and-chives. At the back of my mind was the spurious belief that as they are baked corn chips they are far and away much healthier than crisps, so they don’t ‘count’ quite as much. Not like Pringles.

I was glad too that they were the Cool Blue ones – less aftertaste than the cheesy ones, which always puts me off, after it’s too late and I am stuck with an orange tongue for the evening. Blue also trumps the Hot Red ones, of which my palate can become weary.

Imagine my delight on Saturday night, during my twenty-year-since-high-school reunion, when a plate of complimentary nachos turned up! (Unless one of our number bought them 😕 ) And, okay, so I can’t be 100% sure they were Doritos – but they were corn chips nevertheless.

Absolutely delicious: salsa, guacamole, chicken, peppers, chillies and cheese. With thirty or so other people around me intent on potting each others’ histories, I pretty much failed not to look distracted and gutsy. (I had skipped dinner. Had had only a fifth of a bag of popcorn at the aforementioned “Spy Kids”). I ate as much as was practical, reined in only by the lack of a fork. I think it would have looked bad to go and ask for one. And there’s only so many corn chips that can retain the rigidity necessary to scoop guacamole, once covered in molten cheese.

Doritos are delicious.

I am a fan of the corn chip, and I eat them for real.



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6 thoughts on “Eating Doritos in the Real World

  1. Never appreciated the corn chip, but I have had my way with the Tostitos nacho chips and they are dangerous with an excellent salsa and guacamole. I burst out with a laugh when you mentioned the fork and how nachos can only stand the test of time for so long when confronted with the reality of melted cheese weighing them down.

  2. Petrina on said:

    Shouldn’t have read this, on a diet and now want doritos and a dip. Wondering if the 10 minute walk to Asda and back would burn enough calories to allow me a small bag Mmmm…

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