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Making Up For Lost Time

I went to see “Spy Kids 2” (I think) at the movies on Saturday. First ever whole-family trip to the pictures. Something for everyone: spy gadgets; scratch’n’sniff cards; 3D glasses, popcorn, trips to the toilet…

So, it was starring whoever it was played Eddie Carbone in the TV version of “A View from the Bridge”, and he hasn’t aged one day since that was made. Which is ironic, as the moral of the story was that you can’t recapture your youth or your past.

There was a time-travel angle, so that suited me. The villain had been frozen in time as a child, so had missed out on a large chunk of his life, so he wanted to travel back in time to reclaim it. But, as we seasoned time-travellers know: that approach just doesn’t work.

I love time travel.

My favourite method of time travel was that used by Christopher Reeve in “Somewhere in Time” when he starred opposite Jane Seymour, travelling back to 1912. It was a kind of self hypnosis. It was only when he stumbled across and anachronistic coin that he was hauled back to the present before promptly dying and being reunited with Jane Seymour in a white, soft-focussed timeless space.

It never seems to work out all that well for time-travellers. They always end up trapped or dishevelled or not existing or ill or dead.

Poor old whatsisname from “The Time Traveller’s Wife” was like that. Unable to stick reliably to any point in time. Plays havoc with your constitution.

Given that (OK OK the HADRON COLLIDER notwithstanding) time travel is not possible, it is odd that the same moral of the story comes out every time.

You can’t change the past, but you can change your behaviour in the present to set the course of the future. And you shouldn’t mess with time. You’d be better off destroying the time machine.

I think I’ll keep mine, though. I have found it useful.


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13 thoughts on “Making Up For Lost Time

  1. Rickster on said:

    San. It was Spy Kids 4 actually.

    But anyway, if you haven’t already done so, read ‘Time and Again’ by Jack Finney. Best time travel novel I’ve ever read. And it contains no sci-fi geekery.

    I’ll dig out my copy and lend it to you sometime.

    • Rickster on said:

      Just Wikipedia’d the Christopher Reeve film you mentioned. Apparently the film contains a character called Dr Finney in homage to Jack Finney, as the Finney book “features an almost identical theory on the mechanics of time travel” to the book upon which this film was based. But the Finney one was published 5 years earlier…

  2. Denise Lowson on said:

    focused? or as you state “focussed” – bugbear of mine!

  3. You made me giggle when you said that time travel doesn’t work out, you either get trapped or disheveled. I love the word disheveled, it suits the definition. Your posts are so entertaining.

  4. Amen, sister. Another classic example: Kyle Reese in the Terminator flicks.

    • Is that the actor’s name for John
      Connor? Did he time travel? I thought he went through time in the traditional manner and naked robots came through time to kill and protect. Must watch these again. I liked T2, back in the day when the special effects were groundbreaking.

      • Jonathan on said:

        Kyle Reese was the character who was John Connor’s father. 🙂

        Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap generally went about time travel making life better for folk, even though he himself was never able to get back home. Twelve Monkeys was a good example of a story where you can’t change the past, or the course of the future.

  5. I remember that film. Sigh.

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