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A Cut Above

My daughter had an accident yesterday. She is alright, if a little fragile. She was in school today.

Apart from the scar she will always have, there are two memories I think will stay with me: blood and kindness.

Blood soaked her shirt, leggings and the toy cat she was holding. Blue paper towels were soaked to purple. Her friend thought it was her nose bleeding, but it was her head, above her eye.

Everyone was so kind.

We were soon bundled off to hospital, where again, everyone was kind.

And she was brave.

I am grateful to everyone who helped her when it happened, and to everyone who phoned, texted and facebooked afterwards; and for the concern and prayers of her church family.

If Catherine Willows got her cotton buds out, there would plenty of evidence for her at the scene.

But it was just an accident: blood, kindness and eventually, a scar.


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8 thoughts on “A Cut Above

  1. Rickster on said:

    Even scars fade. Three of the ‘you’ll have them all your life’ scars I have have long since faded into invisibility.

    • I’ve still got mine from playgroup right in the middle of my forehead. I think I fainted. I do remember getting some Smarties for my pains. Not all bad 😉

  2. Did she need stitches? Please give her a hug from me! And as the Mom, are you okay? That must have been a scare at first!

    • Yes, she had a few stitches and then they stuck the rest down with steri-strips. She is a lot better today, although it still hurts a lot
      I think I missed the worst of it. By the time I saw it, her aunt had her in a headlock with a pile of paper towels stemming the flow.
      But yes, horrible.
      But she is back to being cheeky today which must be a good sign 🙂

  3. How are you once all the commotion dies down, that’s when it hits you hard sometimes. Scars do fade and eventually it becomes either a badge of honor or a funny story or a rite of passage. I have many, many scars, most are faded but I have a few that don’t want to be forgotten. They make for good stories for curious little ones.

    • I guess we’ll see how she looks back on it. She doesn’t like to think about it! But of course, people all ask her. Maybe one day, she’ll make it a good anecdote…

  4. So glad she’s okay. Sounds like you need a stiff drink!

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