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Hunting High and Low

Lost things are always in the last place you look. This we know.

I’ve lost a thing. I’m looking for it. I’m running out of places to look.

I’ve emptied every drawer in the house and “gone through” it.

I don’t want to run out of places. Then I’ll get that wave of exasperation and know that I actually have lost it.

(Don’t worry, I can get another – it’s just ANNOYING!!)

Unless it’s in the last place I look.

I wonder where that’ll be.

In the meantime I’m going to have a scone.


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5 thoughts on “Hunting High and Low

  1. I like your outlook, no need to to give into anxiety, simply get a scone and it will come to you when your mind relaxes. Force something and it doesn’t happen. Let your mind ease up and it comes into clarity.

  2. My mother has a saying: Look where its not supposed to be and you’ll always find it. Presently, I am looking for not one, but 2 pairs of scissors that have been missing for three days! You’d think the world was going to fall apart without scissors the way we are maddeningly searching for them! Good luck with your search!

  3. Husband found it!!
    So it wasn’t in the last place I looked… Hmm…

  4. Jonathan on said:

    Of course things are in the last place you look. After then, you have found it (unless your significant other does so first).

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