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Lessons in Life from Scrabble #2: Don’t Let a Row of “I”s Get You Down

There is something wrong at the heart of Scrabble. There are too many “I”s.

Not only this –  the “I” tiles themselves have the unnerving habit of finding each other in the bag, and setting out together to overpopulate your rack.

Four “I”s before your eyes.

You stare at your vowel-heavy rack and moan internally. You’ll never be able to play a total belter of a word. No “quiz” on a triple; no “squaw” either. You feel compelled to stick single vowels next to any “S” or “T” you spot. Then you reach into the bag … and  pull out another another vowel.

Monotony and low net-worth.

You could always get rid of the whole lot and start afresh – pull seven fresh tiles out of the bag and hope that they are mixed and helpful. Maybe with a P, or a K; and and X or a J – in amongst the dross.

If the daily routine is the daily grind, perhaps radical change is the way to go. Follow your passions! (While figuring out how to make your life sustainable – or even profitable…)

But why not use some lateral thinking and play a few”I”s in one go? Maybe you can get the ‘spirit’ to ‘finish’ your “I”s with some crafty crossword-style play.

Hit more birds with fewer stones. Then get some new stones.


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5 thoughts on “Lessons in Life from Scrabble #2: Don’t Let a Row of “I”s Get You Down

  1. That last line is perfection. Scrabble is a great game to play and it really brings out the competitor in everyone at the table.

  2. I’ve been wanting to tell you this for a week: I recently re-watched Chariots of Fire about Eric Liddel and thought about you the whole time. Almost got teary-eyed thinking: I know someone who could run on these hills any time she wanted.
    I have always thought I would love to visit Scotland. Once a friend lived there for a couple years and I fantasized about visiting then, too. I do NOT have these fantacies about any other European country; just Scotland.
    Anyway, if I EVER get over there, one thing I so totally want to do is play Scrabble with you, Sans.

  3. Or you could just make some money out of the excess vowels and sell them as jewellry on Etsy – tru fax.

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