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Lessons in Life from Scrabble #1: Don’t Get Stuck With a Q

My numeracy may be a bit ropey, but I know that “10” is good.

So, you get a Q on your scrabble board, and you look at ways to get it happily stationed on a triple-word-score, crushing your opponents. Hah!

But then, as time goes on, you begin to lament your dependence on the lowly 1-point “U”. The chances to play your master stroke deplete and deplete; the triple word scores are all covered and the four “u”s are all in “us”, “but”, “hum” and “rut”.

The world is going to have to get by without the q-word of your dreams. It’s all going to end with points being deducted instead. 😦

Use what you’ve got when you can; strike while the iron is hot; make hay when the sun shines; cliche cliche cliche…

Don’t get stuck with a Q.

What Q are you saving for a master stroke that will never come?

Play the piece while there are still “U”s!!


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6 thoughts on “Lessons in Life from Scrabble #1: Don’t Get Stuck With a Q

  1. Rickster on said:

    By the way. Qi is an acceptable Scrabble word. So is Qat.

  2. It’s always amusing how everyone gets all crazed and jumping up and down when they get a real word with Q in it on a special triple point square. No one ever acts blase, no one. You are right about the crazy dependence on the lowly U. Without the U the Q isn’t so special after all. Life lesson in that.

  3. Wow. This is very wise advice. Thanks for it! 🙂

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