Wee Scoops

Measure for Measure

A Question for Pharaoh

Was it fair, oh
Was your will free
To free?

A flood of blood
Defiles the Nile.
Frogs rot in piles.
Gnats attack,
Then flies fly
And livestock die.
Boils spoil.
Hail hails .

Then darkness.
Then death.

Was it fair, oh

Could you let go?


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8 thoughts on “A Question for Pharaoh

  1. I’ve often wondered that myself.

    I like your poem. I’m enjoying your very different take on Exodus.

  2. I am so enjoying the journey of exodus. You are doing a bang up job. Keep up the great work!

  3. theotheri on said:

    I cannot help but think, as I read your Exodus for Today that this is how biblical stories were told and used by the Hebrew people. The stories were told and re-told to throughout the generations with adjustments and changes to emphasize a point, or to make it more understandable to the next generation. The stories were understood to have arisen out of real exodus out of Egypt but Hebrews themselves did not expect them to necessarily reflect only literal truth.

    If they did, you’d have to get rid of those red and yellow plastic frogs. And oh, what a loss that would be!

    Thank you for an enjoyable trip.

    • Yes – there is the whole section about how the Passover is to be remembered – with the instruction to re-tell the story for future generations.
      There are all kinds of interesting theories about what could have been literally going on – if there had been blood in the river, the frogs would have come out and there would have been flies and boils etc – but bottom line, no matter how the story came about – something heavy went down in Egypt I think!
      I love the various characterisations of God as well – and there is a lot about free will or the lack of it in Exodus. Too much to think about and I have only scratched the surface of a few parts of Moses’ life.
      Looking forward to finishing tomorrow 🙂

  4. eleanor on said:

    Really really good. And I’m not a big poetry fan. Simple and effective. Well done.

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