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A Business Idea, Smoked Fish, Paul Merton and Tossing the Caber.

I went to the St Andrews Highland Games.

Stalls, sports, dance, food… tartan, arbroath smokies and kilts.

For children, you get the stalls where there is a mallet and a bell. If you manage to whack the thing with the mallet and ding the bell, hey,  you win a prize! You pay £2 for the privilege of attempting to ding the bell. So, you ding the bell, then you get to choose from an array of inflatable mallets, slinky springs, practical jokes, whistles, soft toys and plastic toy vehicles. The whole mallet-and-bell combo is a shifty middle man. No one would want to buy any of the junk for £2….

…Makes me want to invest in a whack-a-bell gadget and a pile of plastic junk. A winner.

So I eventually drew the line after a couple of stalls and rides at the funfair before I bankrupted myself. We then went and had a look at the Arbroath Smokies smoking – and I still stank of it hours later.

I wish I had been hungry at the time, but sadly I just had the smell lingering around me rather than the taste.

We had wee look at the Highland dancing – which looked pretty repetitive and aerobic. And not for those lacking robust underwear.

The children enjoyed having a wee stroke of the guide-dogs-in-training and we then began to follow the actual Highland games that were supposed to be the main feature.

The hammer throw was quite good. I liked watching the tug of war.

The one I wanted to see was Tossing the Caber. I wasn’t the only one. Paul Merton was there, looking as if he had come as James May. I overheard someone wondering whether or not it was James May.

Paul Merton was interviewing a couple, both of whom toss the caber. Although I didn’t see either of them make a successful throw. But good to see a woman giving it a go.

Having got our money’s worth out of the Highland Games, we felt we could leave.

Smelling of smoked fish, wishing I had bought some.


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5 thoughts on “A Business Idea, Smoked Fish, Paul Merton and Tossing the Caber.

  1. It looks like a lot of fun! I have Scottish-envy!!

  2. Here in Blandford MA we used to host the Scottish Festival until 5 years ago when they found a better venue because they were so successful that they outgrew us. I’m sure that it pales in comparison to yours but our little festival was really nice, the dancing and all the stalls just waiting to take your money.

    • I imagine these things are more popular in the states than here!

    • Scotstig on said:

      A few years ago I took my family to a state fair in northern MA.I have to say it was pretty darn good…. It had decent warm weather (in October) exhibition and competitions of farm animals, the obligatory rip-off carnies and quite bizarrely funny faces carved out of pumpkins. I have to say, as a Scot, I loved it. A beautiful little piece of Americana.

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