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Post A Day? “No,” says Moses.

I am preparing some talks  on the life of Moses at the moment. Brilliant story. Or should that be stories. Fascinating.

I need to give some time to absorbing the Exodus into my soul and memory, so feel that my post-a-day rhythm may be disrupted. You know how it is: burning bushes, sticks turning into snakes, murder, guilt, frustration…

So, it could go either of two ways. You may not hear from me until mid-August. Alternatively, you will be inundated with a plague of posts about the Exodus.

Apologies either way – and apologies too for a likely reduction in comments and responses to comments on WordPress for a while.


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3 thoughts on “Post A Day? “No,” says Moses.

  1. Dearest Sanstorm-
    Behind you all the way, either way. 🙂 Will miss you if you’re gone, but will pray you are filled with good things, as I know you will be.

  2. As a fellow blogger, I identify with your situation completely. Whichever way you go, 10,000 blessings – as my Buddhist friends say. Not quite sure how my Jewish friends put it but perhaps you can let me know after your own Exodus.

    And this comment does not need a response!

  3. Dear Sanstorm,
    I’ll be thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts on your project with Moses. I will miss you and till very soon
    your friend

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