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In Praise of the Great and Glorious Scottish Weather

I thought it was my guide leader who had said:

“There’s no such thing as bad weather; only the WRONG CLOTHES!”

It turns out it was Billy Connolly.

But I have to agree, as far as Scotland is concerned. ‘Be prepared’ and all that.

I love the Scottish weather. I love its infinite variety within any given half-hour period. Jackets on/jackets off; inside/outside; shorts/trousers; hoodie on/hoodie off; waterproof on/waterproof off… never a dull moment.

Well, there are plenty of dull moments – but there is also random bluster, random rain, random sun, random horizontal hail, random totally-chucking-it down, random snow, random sleet, random ice-covered-pavements-for-weeks-at-a-time…

But we are spared extreme weather on the whole.

It’s all to do with having the right clothes and remembering to take them with you everywhere you go at all times. Which can make you feel like a bit of a pack horse, especially if no one else can be bothered to carry their own stuff.

For each child for any trip in the summer, I need to take: sandals, trainers, wellies, spare socks, change of clothes, waterproof jacket that is in fact actually waterproof, hoodie, sun-hat, sun glasses, swimming stuff, sun cream, and towel.

In the winter, I trade the sun stuff for a bumfle jacket, hat, gloves and scarf. And if they’d wear them, the balaclavas from Oslo. But they won’t 😦

The trick with the Scottish weather is to carry on regardless. If you have plans to go somewhere and it is raining – go anyway – you’ll still have a great time (as long as you have the right clothes.)

Every time I have been to some sunnier country – I love to get back. I love the moment they open the door of the aeroplane and let that West of Scotland air in – it is always a welcome relief.

It happens to be sunny right now.



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7 thoughts on “In Praise of the Great and Glorious Scottish Weather

  1. It sound like New England weather here in the States and in France, Normandy and Bretagne. I love your country, my memories are still very vivid and I’m thankful for that.

  2. This is the attitude I still have Darn Sarf. “What if it rains?” they wail, “It’ll be character building!”, is my standard reply. When I was pram pushing I was often the only person who was prepared against a sudden Summer thunderstorm because I *never* left home without the raincover.

    Of course the disadvantage is that I always overpack. If I was going to the Namib desert I imagine I’d still stash a cagoole and a thermos of tea.

  3. I love your country, too! And I’ve never been there! Maybe someday i will, but for now, all I can send is love! 😀
    It is soooo hot here in the southern US! The humidity makes you feel like water-weight is pressing you down. At least in cold weather you can add layers. In hot weather you cant take things off, though some people try! 😛

  4. Very interesting. They say about MissouREE, the state I live in, “if you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change”. But I have to say I am pretty sure you have us beat! We are having a heat wave with humidity levels I have not seen in a very long time. I would love to have your changing weather right about now. And I am impressed with your preparedness 🙂 Enjoy the sunshine!

    • We don’t really do humidity – you feel it build, but we break to thunder before it becomes anything like oppressive.
      It was cold today – but hey, I wore another layer! 🙂

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