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The Daily Post asked: If you had a third hand, where would you put it?

My right leg is my third arm. It usually assumes this role when I am being over ambitious with laundry baskets. I have one on one hip, another on the other; or when I am in full Maria-Von-Trapp-I-have-confidence mode, with my guitar in one hand and my violin in the other (except she had a carpet-bag, but ANYWAY) –  and I can make some headway until I come to a door – when I have to use my right leg as a third arm. 

I can usually swing it up and push the handle down, hold the door open and try to squeeze myself and my stuff through. All very handy…

A third hand would be useful for the violin on the rare occasion that I am actually following the music as page-turns can be dodgy sometimes, and often result in all the music falling off the stand. Not that I generally pay much attention as I have forgotten what all the Italian and half of the symbols mean.

I’d have liked a third hand in my student days to prop my head up while “reading” stuff in the library, so I could turn pages with one hand and take notes with the other. (Actually, if anyone wants to invent a head prop I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST!)(Maybe there is no need – do students actually use physical books in physical libraries any more?)

I am glad this post is hypothetical.  …Would a third hand have a thumb?…What would become of the right-brain/left-brain thing? …



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8 thoughts on “Handy

  1. eleanor on said:

    Loving it! I’ve not been ignoring recent postings, but have a general policy of not saying something if I can’t add anything. Like on Authenticity for example. Maybe I’ll restrict myself to a post of “Wow” in such circumstances.

    Anyway the whole extra hand thing is right (or left) up my street. My husband is amazed I can lift things between toes. Have been doing that for years, didn’t realise it was remarkable. Probably isn’t. And I assume you’ve used a nose to press a doorbell. Easy peasy.

    Your uses for the extra arm are all good, but I just wouldn’t like the imbalance of symmetry it would create. Not that I’m symmetrical of course, but you’ve got to admit, it would cast a very strange shadow.

    Also wondering why no mention of Jake the Peg. Ah, not eextra leg. I see.

    • No obligation to comment, Eleanor – I feel bad harassing the facebookers to read my posts – I just hope no one blocks me from their newsfeed as a result of spamming them with too many random philosophical meanderings!

      I think I go for my forehead or chin for the doorbell thing rather than my nose.

  2. I was glad as well that this was all hypothetical because it would be a whole new assimilation thing for my brain and my brain is tired these days. As a woman and a mom, I get the leg as a third arm thing. I don’t know that men can get it in the same way we can. It’s a woman thing.

  3. kembub on said:

    i agree with eleanors “I just wouldn’t like the imbalance of symmetry it would create” … and this has made me ask the question of just where would a third arm attach? assuming we still had two legs and the other two arms in the conventional places…would said third arm attach to the back, or the front of our bodys, or would it simply come out the same arm-coming-out-place but under another one? perhaps four arms would be the way to go, for symmetrys sake? oh youve comlpicated life up now mrs M x

    • I thought it would come out somewhere near the neck and would be able to wrap comfortably around, thus being able to deal with any neck pain on long and sleepy journeys. Like a built-in cosy scarf.

  4. Extra arms would definately help when raising children. I certainly could have done with them when I was breastfeeding and I still require them now. The refrain “I am not an Octopus” is often heard echoing round these parts. It would also be brilliant to be able to knit and crochet AT THE SAME TIME.

    Kali has many arms, she was a busy lady too.

  5. eleanor on said:

    Built in cosy scarf, yes, that’s more like it. And an extra arm to breastfeed: bliss.

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