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The Daily Post asked: Will machines be smarter than humans?

I sure hope so. I think most of them already are. Why would we have a machine if it wasn’t better than us?

My apple slicer, known as “the gadget”, is far better at coring-and-eighthing-an-apple-tidily than I am. And could ever be.

Trains, planes, automobiles, bikes, rickshaws, skateboards, pogo-sticks…. all have their plusses…

Computers have staggering memory, recall, neatness and organisation – unless their users project chaos onto them.

Machines are better at maths, spelling (apart from foisting American spellings on me!), digging, driving and building. They are more precise at grabbing and folding and moulding and labelling.

In any kind of academic or practical contest, machines win every time… not sure about “art” though…

But we like to think we have emotional intelligence that cannot be replicated in robotic form. We like to think we have got common sense.

And what good do these qualities do us?

Emotions and “common sense” have lead us to war, pollution, hatred, violence and poverty. And we are not collectively smart enough to put things right. And no machine can solve these problems.


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4 thoughts on “I vs Robot

  1. I didn’t think of the war, pollution, poverty and the list of our human frailties goes on and on. Really good point that I completely neglected. I like your take on the subject.

  2. I like you’re thinking BUT, the Terminator movies advise caution as far as machines are concerned…

  3. Thus far, machines are tools and excellent at doing sums, very,very,very quickly. They are still stupid as anything though, both their strengths and weakness come from their human counterparts.

    I can’t say that A.I. developments don’t occasionally concern me, usually when I’ve been reading apocalyptic Sci-Fi. Can we rely on Asimov’s Laws of Robotics to keep us safe?

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