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An Experiment In Minimalism: The Results

We bought a tent, drove to the Highlands, paid for a pitch and pitched.

I wanted to see what we wished we had brought, so that we know what to buy before we ever try it again. So here’s what I think we needed:

  •  A bed for me. I was sleeping on my dinky wee self-inflating-mat which was totally fine in my youthful backpacking days of the year 2000 or so. The mat is still fine – but something has happened to me in the interim. A combination of latent carpal tunnel syndrome, age and lack of pillows meant for discomfort on all kinds of new levels.

  • Something to boil water on so I can make a cup of tea in the morning – rather than drive into town and be unashamedly fleeced.

That’s about it.

However, for the Rebecca Bloomwood within, there are plenty of other gadgets available.

But I don’t think she’d be camping.


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8 thoughts on “An Experiment In Minimalism: The Results

  1. In the last two years, I’ve made the jump from roll mat to thermarest – and in the last three months, need a properly inflated air mattress. And I’m only 27…

    Something to boil water for tea is absolutely essential!

  2. Would you do it again?

    • I am sure we will. Just need to borrow or buy the aforementioned bed and tea-generating equipment. I’m not sure when. But I am sure to be even older then. Should probably buy a bed for an even more unhardy camper than I am at present.

  3. I like the complete honesty. My husband took me camping twenty years ago, he is the professional camper it was quite lovely. But after two babies and the various health incidents, I am wed to my bed and my comfy pillows. I admire your courage to go back out there.

  4. Hmm, camping… just not convinced. I like the idea – it feels almost earthy and human, yet there is something about a nice wee cottage or B&B that feels…. civilised. But next year I may well be camping in Alaska so shall take notes!!

    • Id love to camp in Alaska – looked at the trek america Alaska tour many times in the brochure.
      The states make camping really straightforward – but maybe you should have a wee experimental run this summer, with a B&B in driving distance in case of disaster. Please ensure you have facilities for making your Earl Grey.

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